​​ Danielle Decker Jones


"Danielle Jones has been a vital leader in building the Axios newsroom from 0 to 100+ journalists in four years –  bold innovator, charismatic teacher and priceless adviser.” 
-- Mike Allen, Axios co-founder

"DJ is our talent whisperer and heart-and-soul of our company."

-- Jim VandeHei, Axios co-founder 

"Danielle managed our personnel, content and budget in a way that has shaped, indelibly, the publication that we are today." 

-- Jim VandeHei and Kim Kingsley, POLITICO co-founders


"[She will be] working on tasks she is singularly good at, thanks to her combination of shrewd judgment and gift for human connection."

-- John F. Harris, POLITICO co-founder 


"Every successful media enterprise has more successful work horses than show horses, and I know that Danielle’s leadership is one of the reasons why every media enterprise she’s worked at and led has been filled with the 'workhorse' mentality. She’s helped lead and inspire that kind of culture." 

-- Chuck Todd, host of NBC's "Meet the Press" 

"No one has been better at managing people -- spotting them, lifting them when they are feeling down, promoting them to the next level of responsibility -- than Danielle Jones."

-- Robert Allbritton, POLITICO publisher